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*Continuous Glucose Monitors are covered by Medicare and some insurance plans. Quantum Medical Supply is a direct supplier of CGMs. We directly bill insurance and medicare, so you have little or no out of pocket expense. Co-payments, deductibles and some restrictions may apply.

How Does a Continuous Glucose Monitor Work? 

Glucose meters have been a revolutionary tool for diabetes blood sugar management. However, we’ve experienced an evolution in this field. A Continuous Glucose Monitor or (CGM) for short is a device that continuously tracks your blood sugar levels throughout the day and night.

By collecting readings every 5 to 15 minutes, this FDA approved device gives you a more complete picture of the state of your diabetes. The “more complete” data gives you superior information on the state of your sugars, in turn making it easier for you to manage your diabetes.

With a prescription from your doctor, you can select from a range of devices available for both children and adults.

What Does a CGM Do? 

A CGM measures the amount of glucose circulating within the body. Different devices collect information in alternative ways by using small sensors to collect readings. In some devices, the sensor is placed directly under the skin of the belly. 

Not to fear, this is a completely painless process. Alternatively, the sensor can adhere to the back of the arm.

A transmitter within the sensor relays information to a wireless monitor which can be clipped on your belt or your waistband.

As mentioned before, the monitor displays sugar levels at 1-, 5-, 10-, or 15- minute intervals. Should your sugar drop below, or above a preset level, the monitor alarm will sound, alerting you that your sugar is out of nominal bonds.

In the past, only doctors had the ability to see readings collected by the CGM. Now, you can use this device as part of your at-home diabetes solution.

The data can be downloaded to your computer tablet, or smartphone - allowing you to see emerging trends or recurring patterns in your blood sugar.

The continuous monitoring on your part has the added benefit of helping your doctor create the best diabetes management plan, allowing for; 

  • Amount of insulin you should take 
  • An exercise plan that fits you 
  • Numbers of meals and snacks for each day 
  • ​Correct medications and dose amounts.
If you use an insulin pump, you’ll be able to link it to our CGM system for an integrated care solution.

With the new “sensor-augmented pump”, manual configuration previously required with the finger-prick methods will no longer be necessary.

Why Use s CGM?

The CGM captures blood sugar readings throughout the entire day and night cycle. 

The added benefit of capturing highs and lows throughout the whole week is; 

  • Recording of dangerously low overnight blood sugar levels that can go undetected 
  • Track high levels between meals 
  • Show early morning blood sugar spikes 
  • ​Describing how diet and exercise affect you 
  • ​Determine if your treatment plan really works on a day-to-day basis 

Your doctor may recommend a CGM if you have the following; 

  • Recuring highs and lows in your blood sugar levels without a clear reason 
  • Gestational diabetes, which can happen during pregnancy 
  • An insulin pump 
  • Severely low blood sugar levels, known as hypoglycemia, or very high levels, called hyperglycemia

The device may be used by children aged 4 and older. Recently the FDA approved the paring of smartphone apps with the CGM.

Unlike before, diabetes information can now be shared immediately. This gives a great advantage to parents and caregivers who can always be in the same place as the person with diabetes.

Overall, the CGM makes blood sugar monitoring more effortless, ultimately giving more freedom and future well-being to those living with diabetes.

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